8×8 Q&A Roundtable Webinar

February 17, 2021

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Questions and Timestamps

10:18 AM – How does this differ from Teams calls? How does 8×8 interface with email? We use O365.

10:25 AM – Can you demonstrate texting via SMS using the app? We have families who only communicate via text so wanted to make sure staff would be able to easily do so. Thank you

10:29 AM – So, could this solution replace ZOOM for video conferencing? Is video conferencing HIPAA compliant?

10:40 AM – Is there a knowledge base for helping to set up auto-attendants and other call routing features and/or support via 8×8 or TTx?

10:40 AM – Can your system block telemarketers?

10:41 AM – What do we need to do to port phone numbers from an existing vendor like AT&T?

10:44 AM – Can this service be used for telemarketing though? Can we see the dial pad? I think that’s called smart dialing….

10:44 AM – What is the recommended number of DIDs for 200 phone users?

10:46 AM – How does it work for an ACD system?

10:47 AM – Is there a recording portal too?

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