Intelligent, reliable networks for on-site, cloud, or hybrid network assets.

The Foundation for High-Performance Connectivity

In an increasingly virtualized world where applications and information can reside anywhere, Brocade’s hardware and software-based networking infrastructure solutions provide seamless network connectivity in storage, IP, and converged network environments. Scalable server virtualization and cloud strategies can help you meet both current and future business networking needs. Call us today to learn how we can help you optimize your business network infrastructure with Brocade’s innovative products.

  • Switches: Innovative choices such as Ethernet fabric technology, open controllers, distributable switch stack
  • Storage Networking: Enterprise-class storage infrastructure with built in monitoring, management, and diagnostic tools
  • Routers: Scalable, secure, and cost-effective routers with features including programmable architecture and hybrid support for SDN transition
  • Software Networking: Flexible NFV solutions such as OpenDaylight SDN controller & virtual application delivery controller
  • Network Automation: Network automation for IT operations with cross-domain workflows
  • Network Visibility & Analytics: Scalable suite of software based virtualized network visibility & analytics products with NFV- and SDN-based analytics architecture.
  • Transceivers: Featuring Digital Optical Monitoring that continuously monitors transceiver operational status
  • Network Management: Access physical and virtual network status using any web device with Brocade’s command-and-control application, with monitoring, troubleshooting, configuration, and reporting capabilities
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29% of IT professionals surveyed cited the integration between network operations and other IT domains as one of the biggest challenges facing their organizations’ networking team

To keep the workforce productive and the business competitive, IT must be flexible, provisioning applications and services at a moment’s notice. Learn more about network automation tools and solutions to ensure IT can continue to meet the agility demands on your business in this white paper



Interested in operationalizing your capital expenses with a monthly pricing model?

Our revolutionary service called Maven allows us to “unbundle” the major decision variables associated with the cloud/premise conversation. We have successful Mitel clients who are, for example, financing a phone system with on-premise hardware, located in their building, being managed by their staff. Most systems today combine major decision variables into bundles forcing you to compromise your priorities. However, with Maven, you no longer have to make sacrifices.
TTx Maven allows us to deconstruct the “bundled” plan, isolate the most important variable for your organization, and construct the system to match your business requirements to deliver a solution that up until now has been impossible.

To learn more about how Maven can transform your business, give us a call.