The only SD-WAN solution purposely built for voice and teleconferencing.

Public Internet vs MPLS; Cost vs Quality

InSpeed combines a small piece of hardware onsite with their powerful cloud-based service to prioritize real-time applications. The appliance automatically self-configures and begins prioritizing business-critical WAN traffic based upon predefined policies.

InSpeed optimizes network traffic for interactive applications such as VoIP, video conferencing, messaging and enterprise contact centers so that they can operate with consistent reliability and ease over your existing network connections.

InSpeed is a SaaS solution that moves beyond Software-Defined WAN (SD-WAN) — automatically optimizing network profiles even under the most changeable conditions. The system was designed from the outset for zero-touch deployment and lightweight management and consists of a proprietary cloud service and a small on-premises device. 

Whether you are considering abandoning your MPLS services, evaluating the best way to improve your current broadband performance, or aggregating multiple broadband Internet links, it’s worth having a conversation about SD-WAN.

Multiple locations and remote employees

IQS ensures that interactive applications—including voice, video conferencing and enterprise productivity solutions—operate with high reliability and minimal management over existing network connections. InSpeed optimizes network traffic for SMBs so that garbled speech, annoying echoes, video artifacts and unresponsive applications are a thing of the past.

In the 21st century, millions of Americans routinely work from their homes. In 2015, 24% of employees in the U.S. performed part or all of their work at home, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. That number is only expected to grow. Like their counterparts in offices, these workers need access to reliable, high-quality IP telephony and video-conferencing services.

Recognizing that IP telephony is essential for business, IQS is designed as a Voice First service, giving VoIP and other critical interactive services the priority they need to minimize latency and other problems affecting QoS.

“You can put in two or three commodity Internet links from different providers, and InSpeed uses them to create one connection for your organization with 150 megabits downstream and 15 megabits upstream. For half the price of an MPLS connection you’re getting 30 times the downstream bandwidth, with InSpeed prioritizing the traffic. And you have multiple connections to the Internet — if you lose one of your service providers, the remaining active links automatically take over.”

– John Skaggs, Solutions Architect, InSpeed Networks



Interested in operationalizing your capital expenses with a monthly pricing model?

Our revolutionary service called Maven allows us to “unbundle” the major decision variables associated with the cloud/premise conversation. We have successful Mitel clients who are, for example, financing a phone system with on-premise hardware, located in their building, being managed by their staff. Most systems today combine major decision variables into bundles forcing you to compromise your priorities. However, with Maven, you no longer have to make sacrifices.
TTx Maven allows us to deconstruct the “bundled” plan, isolate the most important variable for your organization, and construct the system to match your business requirements to deliver a solution that up until now has been impossible.

Find your Customized Voice Solution with TTX Maven