TTx ShoreTel | In State vs Out of State

This video gives a quick overview on how to create a rule in ShoreTel Communicator, using the call profile field, that will help your Call Center agents identify whether a call is coming from in-state or out-of-state.


Direct Transcript:

So what I’ve done is given, I’ve created some rules in our system that will identify whether a call is in-state or out-of-state.  Now, I’m just calling from a 216 area code from our office here and counting that as in-state, then I’m calling from my cell phone which is a 330 number and I’m counting that as out-of-state, but you’ll get the basic idea.  So if I generate a call inbound here to my makeshift fan services group, you’ll see when the call pops up just like it does today for your agents, this is where we’re going to identify right here, I’m using what is called a call profile field to insert and identify that this is a 216 area code calling in.  I can see that up here but it’s also going to notify me both in this Communicator window here and in this pop-up down here that it’s an in-state call.

Alright so, now what I’ll do is generate a call from my cellphone, which is 330, and we will automatically see that that call is now considered out-of-state based on my area code list I set up.  So, right there, both in Communicator here and in a little toaster pop-up in the bottom right hand corner I can see that this call is out-of-state.  So, I think this is going to get you what you need; there’s some considerations we need to make in regards to your reporting and I’ll talk to you about that on the phone.