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We strive to be the most trusted information technology solution provider in our market and to inspire others to believe that people matter in our industry and beyond.

We believe in people: Your people, our people, and our partners. So we act with great care for the future of your business. We design, implement, and support enterprise IT wired, wireless, VoIP, and UCaaS projects.

Best in class solutions, made simple with TTx.

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Improve the reliability and functionality of your phone system and provide simplicity and quality.

Is your system in need of updating or replacement?

The partnership of Mitel and TTx delivers state of the art service and responsiveness that allows you to be on the cutting edge of communication. Communications devices have evolved significantly from the days of TDM supported business landline telephone systems. Smart phones, softphones, tablets, laptops, docks – even wearables are now endpoints of the modern communications system.

Virtualization of unified communications onto network storage and servers means infrastructure is now being used more efficiently and updates can be managed at the speed of business through software upgrades.

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Adapt to the ever-changing landscape of your business and customer needs.

Is your company growing?

For growing organizations who are adding employees, locations, a remote workforce, or seasonal business, having a phone system that is simple and easy to deploy, manage, and use -- whether it is onsite or in the cloud -- isn't a bonus, it's a necessity. Mitel provides the flexible solutions designed to address the specific needs of companies who need to adapt, grow, and transition as their business grows and expands.

Whether you plan to make a capital investment to amortize new equipment over time, or you are looking for a monthly subscription service from the cloud, Mitel has solutions to meet your needs and TTx has the team poised to implement that solution.

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Perform at peak levels with a phone system that easily integrates with what you're already doing.

Do you desire to build loyalty and trust?

Customers expect reliable and easy to use communications, therefore, we take great care to help you build loyalty and trust in your business relationships. By responding quickly, recognizing issues before they happen, and providing superior service and support, you can put the customer and their satisfaction first. With Mitel's ECC, you can connect customers easily, track points of contact, record interactions, and monitor real-time metrics on-site and on-demand.

Understanding your call volume and customers contact behaviors can allow you to monitor, improve, and predict the best way to manage your customer facing resources and give your customers the best experience possible. Delight your customers with faster resolution and your executives with greater business insights.

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Cloud,Premise or Both?

The right choice for your organization, without the compromises you'd expect.


Whether your technology purchasing decisions are influenced by your finance department, your internal management resources, or your IT infrastructure, you can make a unified communications decision that folds into your organization perfectly! Experience TTx Maven and let our team of experts show you how we can mold a managed services solution to fit your needs today by answering three simple questions.

TTx Maven
TTx is uncompromisingly focused on providing you with: best in class information technology; intentional customer-centric service rooted in our beliefs that people matter; and support of your reputation through assistance, expertise and long-term strategy.

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