Introducing TTx Maven


Maven allows us to deconstruct a “bundled” system, prioritize the most important decision making variable for your organization, and reconstruct the system to match your business requirements to deliver a solution that up until now has been impossible.

Capital vs Operational Expense

Capital Purchase

Your department has traditionally budgeted for technology and you've created a  strategic plan to purchase in cycles as a capital expenditure. You value the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the products you purchase.

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Financed Purchase

Your department has chosen to finance technology as an operational expense. You want the most up to date technology possible to ensure your department is providing reliable support to your organization with predictable expenses.

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In-house vs 3rd Party Management and Administration

Client Manages

After deployment, your department has infrastructure and resources already in place to manage your communication technology as a part of your internal team. You may also have existing vendor relationships that are already in place that you plan to renew. 

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TTX Manages

Your department leverages experienced outsourced partners to assume end-to-end responsibility of systems that have been deployed.  

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Premise vs Cloud


You may be planning to host your new UC in your building for reasons like reliability, existing infrastructure, or many endpoints in one location.

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You may want a phone system that is not physically located in your building. For reasons like disaster recovery, your current HQ infrastructure, or you may require anytime, anywhere access to connect the variety of geographical locations.

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