At TTx, people come first, and our customer service reflects that philosophy.

Teletronics Communications, Inc. was founded in 1980 by Gale Kenney and Tom Ursem as an end-to-end deployment, services and support operation for business phone systems. In 2014, with the increased proliferation of cloud based technologies and our increasing role as a managed services provider, we chose to adapt our name from Teletronics, Inc. to TTx. With deep roots in Ohio, our people are dedicated to serving businesses in the Cleveland and Northern Ohio markets.

Our History

In the early days, we deployed TeleResources, Telrad, and Tadiran phone systems with implementation teams that took responsibility for all on premise implementation efforts (project management, training, cabling, wiring) as well as carrier service sales. During the 80’s and 90’s, the Ohio company grew through acquisition as well as organic growth to over 40 employees.

In 2005 VoIP (or Voice over IP) had advanced Internet-based telephony to a both a technologically and economically viable solution. Carrier service costs were reduced, and IT departments were able to leverage data from their call centers to drive business decisions. During that time, after a substantial due diligence effort, Teletronics added the ShoreTel VoIP product to their business phone system offerings. The switch to VoIP represented a significant change in both sales and operational structure. As businesses began to use their internal local and wide-area network infrastructure to replace legacy enterprise telephone networks, this convergence demanded that we scale our human resources and build a full network engineering team to continue to support full phone system implementations.

As a result of the shift in the market, and the adaptations to our business model, in 2008 ShoreTel surpassed all other business phone systems as our flagship product. In 2014, ShoreTel named TTx the 8th best partner in the country and recognized them in the “Circle of Excellence” for the partner year. The award recognizes TTx for exceptional achievement in areas including customer satisfaction, revenue growth and proficiency with advanced applications.

2014 was also a pivotal year in the transition of Teletronics to the second generation operators, Brandon Kenney (Chief Operation Officer) and Scott Ursem (President). The name “Teletronics Inc” was adapted to “TTx Inc.” and cemented the slogan “Technically, people matter” as our official tagline.

In 2017, Mitel acquired ShoreTel’s UCaaS platform.  TTx is continuing to partner with Mitel, in addition to adding partnerships with Brocade network solutions, Ruckus Wireless, InSpeed networks, and Datto data protection services.


People Matter

A tagline like “Technically, people matter” seems odd in a technical world obsessed with automation, but our experience has show that all systems – and businesses in general – are only as good as the people operating them. Because we believe people matter, we also believe:

Customer service matters // Customer service is the external manifestation of our internal culture. Rooted in our culture of relatability, we are dedicated to using our resources to support your business and what matters to you. Rooted in our culture of reliability, we employ our sense of responsibility and our honed expertise to maximize your success. And rooted in our culture of prudence, we think carefully about the patterns of the past and the potential for the future.

Credibility matters // Our culture is rooted in our beliefs that people matter, that credibility is vital, and that the future deserves great care in our present actions.

Experience matters // We are deliberative. We think carefully about the patterns of the past and the potential for the future. We have distilled best practices through the careful evaluation of previous implementations and procedures. We have been doing this for over 30 years and we continue to learn and adapt based on our past experience, our present expertise, and our hope for the future.

We’ve gotten to know many IT Directors and CIOs throughout Northern Ohio, and without fail, we’ve learned the best networks are managed by the best people. The correlation is not accidental. We invest in people, so your project can be successful!