What We Do

TTx is a full-service IT provider based in Northern Ohio who strives to become the most trusted information technology solution provider in our market. We specialize in customizing on-premise and hosted (cloud-based) VoIP business solutions for businesses who are looking to upgrade or replace their current systems, or acquire a new phone system solution. Through our extensive partner network, our team is capable of providing range of solutions, including:

  • Traditional on-premise business voice systems
  • Reliably hosted cloud-based business voice systems
  • Customized hybrid business voice solutions (Maven)
  • Professional IT network solutions
  • Innovative wireless solutions
  • Call center reporting
  • IT data protection

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting a small business or are responsible for a 500+ seat premise-based legacy system, there are plenty of features available today that weren’t on the market 10 years ago. The reality is that you have options, a lot of options, and this is where we help guide you to the best custom solution possible—because no one is just like you.

Who We Work With (You)

  • We work with IT professionals who are confused or frustrated with the current changes in the VoIP market and help them navigate which solution is best for them.
  • We work with business who are tired of the false promises from providers who don’t actually listen to their real problems.
  • We work with companies who understand that if they are going to invest significant time and capital into a new solution, they deserve an IT provider who will take the time to explain, guide, and educate them about their options.

If that sounds like you, we can help.

Our Services


What business voice system do I need? We help you answer that question, and hundreds of other questions when it comes to choosing, designing, implementing, and supporting a business voice solution. As your partner we provide the guidance you deserve.

  • Examine existing infrastructure
  • Analyze users and locations
  • Determine your desired business model (cloud, on-premise, both)
  • Evaluate needs, objectives, and new technologies

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Our process starts with expert guidance to help you navigate the ever-evolving technology landscape to plan, design, and lead strategic, cross-organizational technology solutions.

  • Examine current infrastructure
  • Establish goals for the business
  • Design of on-site or cloud-based VoIP hosting
  • Strategy for capital or operational expenditures on equipment
  • Planning for management of the system, internal or service-based
  • Provide solutions for deployment

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We have differentiated ourselves from other VoIP providers by our fully staffed (internal, on-site, in Cleveland) network engineering practice to support our implementations. We take responsibility for the end-to-end implementation of these projects, including:

  • Peripheral technologies
  • Network upgrades
  • Virtualization
  • Business continuity and backups
  • Multi-vendor communication
  • Ongoing support management contracts

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We can offer the flexibility to choose the purchasing model that will best serve your budget. We believe the way you want to pay for technology shouldn’t dictate the technology you want to pay for.

  • Capital Expenditure (CapEx) – your have a budget for technology and you’ve created a plan to purchase in cycles as a capital expenditure.
  • Operational Expenditure (OpEx) – you desire to acquire and use technology as a service (UCaaS)
  • Both – get the flexibility you deserve to get the solution you need.

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TTx’s managed services support goes beyond proactively monitoring your systems. Not surprisingly, many of our clients have asked us to actively manage their systems after the deployment project is complete. We are fully resourced to offer a variety of ongoing support offerings.

  • Employee training and tutorials
  • Installation support
  • Maintenance and troubleshooting support
  • Ongoing and fully-managed help-desk support solutions
  • Expert VoIP and IT managed services

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