R.W. Sidley

“And I needed a specialist to help us with that area of responsibility. And I went through some rounds of working with companies that helped us through some things, but it wasn’t until we started doing business with TTx that now, it’s sort of a singular relationship in that I can lob anything to you guys and you’ll be able to help with, whether it’s just advice or whether you guys can provide the service.” — Brad Buescher, R.W. Sidley’s IT Manager Watch Full Video
Quality Castings

Quality Castings

“We have utilized a lot of TTx resources over these last eight months of people having worked from home and me not being able to, you know, go touch a computer somewhere or to do things we’ve really had to rely on, you know, TTx to be there for us and not once have they wavered in any of the support that we’ve gotten from your team..” – Jennifer Elsass, Quality Castings’ CFO Watch Full Video

Chagrin Valley Engineering

“During the shutdown of the pandemic, being already in Office 365 and people understanding how they could still work and be familiar with where things are, it really saved us. You guys helped us make that transition and helped us a little bit with some training with it. And so that turned out very well.” — Ryan Cummins, Partner at Chagrin Valley Engineering Watch Full Video
Quality Castings


“TTx really provided us the support, the scalability for us to grow both organically and through acquisitions…I don’t consider it part of the support agreement, I just consider you a part of the team and your support team as just an extension of our department…You have exceeded our expectations with pushing new technology, implementing Connect, and being our partner as we get the most our of the investment within the system itself.” – Sehul Patel, CIO at ViaQuest Watch Full Video
Guardians Wordmark

Cleveland Guardians

“The process to move telephony systems became more about the people, than the solution itself. The solution is only as good as the people that are implementing it. Good people make good solutions. Not only did we pick a good telephony solution in itself, we picked a good implementer who had the staff and resources” — Whitney Kuszmaul, Cleveland Guardians’ IT Director View Case Study