Municipalities Case Study

Uncover Cost Savings in Your Communication Spend



Over the last 10 years, monthly communication costs in Northern Ohio municipalities have slowly yet steadily increased, limiting future investment and crippling growth. As AT&T and other local providers are retiring legacy analog services, government municipalities are being forced to either upgrade or pay premiums. Mike Camloh from TTx has proven to be an innovative and reliable expert, helping local government officials, obtaining significant cost savings for our clients. “The savings are past our expectations as well as the credits we obtained. The staggering thought is where the Garfield Heights expenses would have gone if Mike had not presented the solution.” – Barb Biro, Finance Director, Garfield Heights

The Challenge

Local municipalities are faced with the challenge of paying a premium for legacy analog services that are being phased out by AT&T and other local phone companies. Monthly operational expenses continue to bloat, making the prospect of adding additional technology as a service extremely challenging:

First, they had to understand why they were spending unnecessary expense. 
Then, they needed help identifying strategies that could generate substantial monthly savings.
Finally, they needed a partner who understood state and local compliance intimately to structure provider contracts to impliment reliable and continuous service to the community.

The Solution

TTx Inc. spends time combing through the bills of local municipalities, uncovering a 50% – 200% increase to monthly communication expenses due to legacy analog services including phone lines, internet access, fax, credit card swipe, data connections, radio circuits, alarm circuits, and other other miscellaneous expenses.

Bedford, OH, USA - July 25, 2015: With many old buildings over a century old, this southeastern Cleveland suburb retains a small-town America look and atmosphere.

The Outcome


The municipalities saw a significant reduction in expenses that surpassed their expectations. By reducing unnecessary IT infrastructure, consolidating services, and interacting with the phone companies, TTx regularly identifies a savings benefit to the city. As an example, the city of Valley View had a 36% reduction in monthly expenses and the city of Garfield Heights saw a staggering 73% decrease plus $20,000 in credits from their carriers.


Part of the operational reduction strategy was upgrading some hardware and software to decrease their reliance on analog services. Given that municipality phone systems support departments such as Police and Fire, it was vital that the switchover to the new system be as quick and seamless as possible.The new phone system was established on a separate cable network, enabling TTx to install and test it at the same time the existing system was in use. As a result, the municipalities encountered minimal downtime of less than five minutes.


After research and collaboration with each municipality, TTx continues to perform regular audits to ensure the municipalities received the savings they were promised. Since various components of the existing system were being retired, the data infrastructure needed to be upgraded as well. Through the installation of new fiber optic cables, Gigabit POE switches, and new data cables, TTx is able to facilitate technology upgrades that deliver a lot of positive and tangible benefits to the city as well.


“When you presented the idea that we could save enough monthly expenses to outweigh the cost of new technology we were a little skeptical, but you and your team have certainly proved it.” – Mayor Vic Collova, City of Garfield Heights, OH


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