Top 3 factors in choosing a phone system for my business

Configure a Custom Business Voice Solution

Am I a great fit for a cloud-based or on-premise business phone system?

If you are genuinely asking that question, you need Maven. Through the unique process we call Maven, we will help guide you in choosing the unified communications and managed services options that best fit your business model: cloud services, on-premise, or a combination of both.

Start your research by prioritizing your business objectives rather than your system features. We’ve been consulting clients through this model since cloud-based systems became a viable option, and it really comes down to three major variables:

  • How does my finance team want to pay for this expense in the budget? (Capital or Operational Expense)
  • Where do I want to put the hardware? (in my server room, or in the cloud)?
  • How do I want to manage this system? (with my internal staff, or outsourced as a part of the overall solution)

Answer the Questions Below to Best Align With Your Objectives

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Capital vs. Operational Expense


My organization has traditionally budgeted for technology and we're going to pay for this upgrade or new system as a capital expense. I value the lowest total cost of ownership over the lifetime of the solution I purchase.

OPEX Model

My company is encouraging my department to purchase as much of my equipment and software "as-a-service" as possible. I value consistency and predictability in my budget.

In-house vs. Outsourced Management

Manage Internally

After deployment, I'll continue to manage your system internally with my existing team. I value the control, security, and flexibility of owning that responsibility.

Outsourced Management

After deployment, I want a 3rd party to handle the management of my phone system. I want to keep my IT team focused on their core competencies or more valuable facets of our organizational responsibilities.

In my building vs. In the Cloud

In my building

I want to put the hardware in my building. I value control, customization, and quality of service (QoS).


I don't want to have phone system hardware on-site. I may have many small locations or a large remote workforce, or I may be purchasing a phone system for the first time. I value flexibility, speed of deployment, and ease of management.

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