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thank you so much for all the help in such a critical time. it is very nice to know i’m in good hands and my issues will solved. Thanks all that helped out!! Thanks Johnathan!! Thanks Herminio!!! πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘

Randy C.

on ticket #1022325 - NAS Offline

Quick response and help from Brian as always. Additional information provided that will help me plan to address the issue in the future. Thank you!

Christine G.

on ticket #1022902 - Disk Space

The tech took a very short time in fixing the problem and went above helping me out with hopefully deterring future issues

John S.

on ticket #1021371 - Phone Issue

Dave was very helpful and did a lot of troubleshooting to find the problem. he also checked back regularly to see if there were any more problems. Excellent customer service. 10 out of 10!!

Katie H.

on ticket #1020416 - Review Account lock outs for Katie's Account

Sam did a great job of working through the problem with me and scheduling a convenient time to resolve the issue. Thanks!

Gene H.

on ticket #1020321 - calls are going to a mailbox that says it can't take messages

Braeden was willing to stop by the office multiple times to work on the various laptop problems. He was able to find the problem with the usb ports on the newest laptop.

Bruce M.

on ticket #1017849 - Engineering Laptop - COM1 Port Problem

As always you guys hung in there during multiple calls to our 365 vendor to make sure this was up and running. Thanks for the patience and fantastic customer service!

William T.

on ticket #1018331 - Voicemail to Email for user

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"Quick and response support. Thank you!!"
Andy M.

03/06/2024 | on ticket #1034295 - Communicator no working - Reinstall
"Excellent service as always."
Carol T.

03/06/2024 | on ticket #1034797 - Laptop
"Response was quick and we were able to work with Verizon"
Ryan T.

03/05/2024 | on ticket #1034663 - Mitel issue - can't make or receive calls
"Chris was quick to assist and verify the packets were going through."
Daniel S.

03/05/2024 | on ticket #1034556 - machine unable to communicate on network